Our cars can be rent in the city of El Calafate for free or  any other city in Argentina or any other bordering countries  , You can pick up and drop the car at the airport . Ask about our Drop off rates if you want to rent a car in El Calafate  and drop it off in some other city (Ej.: Ushuaia, Bariloche, Rio Gallegos , Puerto Madryn, Punta Arenas (chile), Puerto Natales (chile).
There's an unlimited number of excursions you can create on your own and many places you can visit with a car, where otherwise you wouldn't go:

One day tours from El Calafate

Starting on road 11 drive west surrounding the shores of the Argentino Lake until you reach the entrance to the Glaciers National Park, continue to the Perito Moreno Glacier . Walk along the different land trails, enjoy the different views without hurrying and at your own rythm. Coming back take the detour road to your right on road 60, to Lago Roca, make a new right turn on road 15, continue till you find the sign to the campsite. Lago Roca is a beautiful campsite on the shores of the Argentine Lake. It has a beach, sites for a barbecue, a comfortable Cafeteria and restrooms. Enjoy a homemade lunch at the cafeteria. If you continue to the end of the road you arrive to Estancia Nibepo Aike, where you can enjoy some tea with typical patagonian cakes and pies or a patagonian "asado" (barbecue), horsebackriding and trekking around nearby mountains. Return to El Calafate on road 15. You can visit the same places the other way around, starting from El Calafate and going to Lago Roca first and at sunset visit a colorful Perito Moreno Glacier.

Visit different estancias around the area, learn about the typical activities with sheep and horses, horsebackriding and delicious asados!. Estancia Alice , Estancia Huyliche , Estancia Nibepo Aike

Drive north on road 40, on the shores of the Argentine Lake, arrive to La Leona river . Fishermen lovers will find different alternatives to satisfy their hobbies in this area.

Visit the Walichu Caves , the Historic Museum , Nimez Lagoon , the shores of the lake and different points of interest in El Calafate with your own car!.

One day tour from Rio Gallegos

Visit Cabo Vírgenes at the southern tip of the Santa Cruz province, tour the southern lighthouse of the american continent. Visit estancia Monte Dinero, located on the way to Cabo Vírgenes, enjoy the typical activities, working with dogs and sheep, asados, tea with cakes and lodging. Visit the southern Penguin Reserve of the continent with more than 2000 species, learn about their habitat, their history, get beautiful pictures. This same tour can be done renting the car in El Calafate and driving 320 Km south east to Rio Gallegos, capital city of Santa Cruz.

Tours that can be done in Patagonia in two days or more, depending on the distances and the lenght of stay on each place :
. Drive north on road 40, follow the shores of La Leona river, continue along the shores of the Viedma Lake and reach El Chalten , national capital of trekking in Patagonia. The town, founded in 1985 is located within the windy surroundings of de las Vueltas river, near the base of the Fitz Roy Peak . From El Chalten you can walk different trails of different duration always with an amazing view of the Fitz Roy and the other breathtaking peaks, Egger , Electrico , Poicenot and Saint Exupery . Going 38 Km north from El Chalten reach Lago del Desierto ("Desert Lake"), contrary to its name meaning the Lake is located in a very green valley surrounded by an incredible landscape, with deep blue water the scenery combines forest woods and snowed top peaks. We recommend a minimum of two days and one night to visit El Chalten, even though there are enough activities to stay there a whole week. The visit can also be coordinated with a trip to Torres del Paine. Torres del Paine National Park , is located 100Km north of Puerto Natales in Chile. The breathtaking mountain range offers an incredible view and many trails for trekking lovers. The infrastructure within the park grew a lot in the past years, counting with many shelters and hotels. Many beautiful lakes surround the national park, among others Grey lake , Pehoe lake and Nordenskjold lake .

The following sites can be visited if you are willing to drive longer distances or have more days

 Ushuaia: Located 900 Km south of El Calafate, drive road 3 to the tip of the continent, after crossing the Strait of Magellan by ferry, reach the southern city in the world. Ushuaia offers more than a rich and interesting history, it is an invitation to know the very south, sharing its forest woods, mountains, crystalline rivers. Come discover their magic story...

Puerto Madryn , Trelew , Gaiman: Located on the coast, on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Drive north on road 3, pass by different cities on your way: Piedra Buena, Santa Cruz, San Julian, Caleta Olivia, Comodoro Rivadavia and Rawson till you reach Puerto Madryn, internationally known by its spectacular whale sightseeing during the season over the ocean. Scuba diving, snorkling, windsurf and other water sports are also practiced on the coast.
Don't forget to stop at Gaiman if you have the chance. The welsh colony is well known by its delicious welsh cake and tea and other exquisite pastries. From Trelew you can get on a side road that will cross the continent from east to west, reaching the Andes and the well known ski resort in South America, San Carlos de Bariloche.

San Carlos de Bariloche: Beautiful both during winter and summer, the area is internationally known to be the "Switzerland of South America". There are two different options to reach the city: the favorite by foreigners is the known road 40 or mythical carretera austral , driving north from El Calafate and crossing the provinces of Santa Cruz, Chubut and Rio Negro (optional detour into Chile) Keep in mind that the whole road is gravel. The second option (all paved) is taking road 3 on the Atlantic coast till you reach Comodoro Rivadavia, from there make the road to the west that crosses the continent, or reach Trelew (as mentioned previously above) and then take the road to Bariloche. Bariloche is a place you can't miss if you are in Patagonia, you will be amazed by the majestic mountains and lakes, imposing forests, cozy cabins and elegant 5 stars hotels...your stay will be unforgettable! Lastly, San Martín de los Andes and Villa La Angostura are worth mentioning in the area. For many, two of the most paradisiac places in Argentina, where beauty and magic are one.



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